Haris Design & Construction Co. is a company whose success is driven by our focus on

Service: To our customers, to our business partners, and to one another

Ideals: Reflected in Our Vision, Our Mission, and Our Values and reinforced through ethical training

People: Developing and supporting our people and relationships

A key factor to our success has been the recruitment of committed individuals who share our commitment and values, pulling them together to turn it into a reality. To maintain the dramatic growth we’ve experienced over the years, we continually seek and recruit committed individuals to join our organization. We recognize that knowing and appreciating one’s colleagues fosters stronger teams of the level required to support our service goals, we’ve created a work environment that is warm, informal, and conducive to sharing and humor.

At HDC, we want to partner with people. We want to recruit unique individuals who share our values. We listen and support each individual to identify his or her needs, ambitions, and capabilities. We have a very clear and simple idea when it comes to the human resources function: to people the opportunity to grow, both as individuals and in their professional roles, so that together we can create a better experience for customers and ourselves.

Haris Design & Construction Co. is an equal opportunity employer, committed to diversity in the workplace.